Dragonfly Villa - name of Virgin Islands Rental Villa

Caribbean Vacation Rental Villa
US Virgin Islands - St Croix

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Front view of Dragonfly Villa showing pool with Cane Bay to left Beautiful landscaping surrounds Dragonfly Villa Entrance to Dragonfly Villa


There are two basic types of water sports on St. Croix-on top of the water or underneath it. And remember, St. Croix is one the best places on earth for snorkeling and beach and boat scuba diving.

Daysail and Buck Island Tours
Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
Big Beard's Adventure Tours. 340-773-4482.
C'sted Bilinda. 340-773-1641.
Captain Francis' Diva. 340-778-4675.
Captain Heinz' Teroro II and Dragonfly. 340-773-3161.
Shabeen Day Sails. 340-773-7185.
St. Croix Yacht Club. 340-773-9531.

Snorkeling and Scuba
Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
Anchor Dive Center. 340-778-1522.
Dive Experience. 340-773-3307.
Island Snorkel Excursions. 340-773-6733.
Octavia's Garden. 340-773-1902.
SSCUBA Shack. 340-772-DIVE.
S.C.U.B.A. 340-773-5994.
Teroro II. 340-773-3161.
V.I. Divers, Ltd. 340-773-6045.

Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
Afternoon Delight. 340-772-3701.
Capt. Pete's Louie G. 340-773-1123.
Catch-22. 340-778-6987.
Center Console. 340-778-9650.
Cruzan Divers. 340-772-3701.
Fishaholic. 340-773-8988.
Leisure Lady. 340-773-8988
Lisa Ann Charters. 340-773-3712.
Ruffian. 340-773-7165.
Sharon M III. 340-690-8570.
38" Fantasy. 340-773-0917.

Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
Caribbean Adventure Tours. 340-773-4599.
Chenay Bay Beach Resort. 340-773-2918.
St. Croix Watersports. 340-773-7060.
Tamarind Reef Hotel. 340-773-4455.
Virgin Kayak Co. 340-778-0071.

Underwater Tours
Wave Runners

Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
St. Croix Watersports. 340-773-7060.


Never fear, landlubbers. Although St. Croix is surrounded by water, it has endless sports choices for those air-breathers who like the feel of ground under their feet.

Concierge Service
Bubble Makers provides land and water packages 340 719-7201 or 340 277-6219.

Carambola Golf Club is fifteen minutes from Dragonfly Villa, this 18-hole, world-class course was designed by Robert Trent Jones and built by Laurence Rockefeller. It's a 6,843-yard, par-70 course packed with water hazards. Four sets of tee markers and wide fairways make Carambola possible for players of all skill levels. It garnered a gold award from GOLF magazine and four stars from Golf Digest. More information on fees and tee availabilities is available by phoning 340-778-5638.

Buccaneer Golf Course is an 18 hole course is located slightly east of Christiansted, roughly 35 minutes from Dragonfly Villa off Route 82 near Green Cay. Built on the site of a former sugar plantation, this course's hills yields gorgeous views and lead right up the shore of the Caribbean. Golf pro Tim Johnson is on duty full time. The Terrace restaurant has great views of Christiansted Harbor. 340-712-2100.

The Reef is the easternmost golf course in the United States this 9-hole course, in the valley of Teague Bay on northeastern St. Croix, offers 3,000 yards of fairways and water hazards with a driving range and pro shop. 340-773-8844.

Buccaneer-east of Christiansted at the hotel. $4 non-guest fee.
Chenay Bay Beach-east of Christiansted on Route 82.
Colony Cove Beach-tire (artificial) and natural reefs.
Columbus Landing Beach-site of explorer's 1493 landing.
Cormorant Beach Club-west of Christiansted.
Cramer Park-near the end of Route 82 with changing rooms and restrooms.
Grapetree Bay-on southeastern shore.
Hibiscus Beach-west of Christiansted.
Jack's Bay-at the east end of the island, remote but worth a visit.
Reef Beach-at the east end at Teague Bay on Route 82.
Sandy Point-in the southwest of the island with no facilities.
Shoy Beach-east of Christiansted with no facilities.
Sprat Hall-north of Frederiksted on Route 63. $2 use fee.
Sugar Beach-named for its powdery white sands.
Rainbow Beach Club-north of Frederiksted.
Southeast Coast-water so clear and deep blue it seems unreal.
West End beaches-Secluded and beautiful sands on the western part of the island.

Tamarind Reef Hotel. 340-773-4455.

Horseback Riding
Paul and Jill's Equestrian Stables. 340-772-2880 or 340-772-2627.

Nature Hiking
Bubble Makers 340-719-7201 or 340-277-6219.
Annaly Bay-1.5 mile-hike off Route 78 (Scenic Road) five miles west past Carambola. Take the turnoff up and to the right, then immediately turn right onto a second dirt road heading back downhill to start the hike fairly close to the water.

Butler Bay Nature Preserve-225 protected acres of indigenous plants and animals. In the middle of this rain forest is a 60-foot waterfall and other natural and man-made sights make the journey worthwhile.

Isaac's Bay-a 2-mile hike off Route 82 (East End Road) past Cramer's Park. Follow the road until it becomes a gravel path that dead-ends on the hill overlooking Point Udall.

Three public tennis courts are located at Canegata Ball Park near Christiansted and one is near Fort Frederik.

Additional courts (some are lighted for night play) are available at:

  • The Buccaneer Hotel-eight courts with pro shop and lessons. 340-773-2100 ext. 736.
  • Chenay Bay Beach Resort-two courts open to the public. 340-773-2918.
  • Tamarind Reef Hotel-two Cal Grass courts. 340-773-4455.
  • The Reef-two courts. 340-773-8844.

In door dinning room of Dragonfly Villa with Cane Bay on left. Caribbean Vacation Rental Villa (US Virgin Islands, St Croix, Frederiksted) Large kitchen with two sinks and additional eating areas Caribbean on left. Caribbean Vacation Rental Villa (US Virgin Islands, St Croix, Frederiksted) Deck area with view of Caribbean and Cane Bay. Caribbean Vacation Rental Villa (US Virgin Islands, St Croix, Frederiksted) Pool with view of Caribbean. Caribbean Vacation Rental Villa (US Virgin Islands, St Croix, Frederiksted)
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